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reformat dimension 2400

I have a Dimension 2400 and a Dimension 4550. Mistakenly a couple of years ago I reformated the entire hard drive on the Dimension 4550, erasing everything from the hard drive including reset files from Dell. I'm not sure if this same mistake was ever made with the Dimension 2400. How can I find out if all those files are still on the Dell partition, and if so/not, how to start reformat.



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Re: reformat dimension 2400

I'm not certain that I understand your post.
What Dell partition are you refering too?
This XP reinstallation guide is excellent,
Or you can use Dell's XP Restallation Guide

While installing, remember to delete all existing partitions when you are prompted, then recreate the partitions and format the hard drive, following by installing XP.
Note: You need not delete the small 40/50mb EISA Partition, if you wish to keep Dell diagnostics on the hard drive.

After installing XP, you should install the drivers and applications in the correct order, 

Followed by installing the Anti Virus utility, updating the definitions, then all the critical Microsoft updates.



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