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win7 on mini 9?

I ordered a Mini 9 in February and so far it is still in production. Apparently the broadband modem is backordered. Having read other posts on here about delays, I have a bad feeling about this, like I am never going to receive this computer (if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is). All the other Dells I've ever ordered have shipped within a week.

However, if I should ever receive it, I want to put Windows 7 on it. I have been running Win7 beta on my new Inspiron 13 since day 1, and it rocks. I hear it runs fine on 512K RAM, and I would like to try that out.

I am curious whether anyone has done this and how you did it. I have a Win7 DVD and I also have access to an OS image, or I could download the Enterprise installation from work, but I would have to join to the domain and hardwire to the corpnet and I'm not sure how possible this will be. Naturally the mini does not have an optical drive. I have an external DVD drive, but I don't think I can boot to it. I have a 4 gig flash drive. I think that might be the way to go.

Anyway I am curious how other people have done this if they have. I want to immediately wipe the whole thing (with all the Dell bloatware and XP) and install Win7 clean. But I suppose I could also upgrade and uninstall the Dell stuff by hand.



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Thank you for the advice and encouragement.  Since I will need a "full" versions, vice an upgrade, I am shopping around for a good deal.  Possibly on Black Monday.

If I run into problems I will contact you again. 

Again, Thank you...   Richard

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