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The charger for my laptop stopped working while in use. I disconnected the charger and let it cool down for some time. i separated the cable end with the 3 pin plug. After 10 minutes i reconnected the cables and connected the charger to my laptop; the led light on the charger came back on. But, after a few seconds it went off again, after which it never worked.Following are my usage patterns and purchase date, in case that information will hep determine the cause. I have purchased my Laptop in December 2016. I use my laptop mostly on weekends, for 5-6 hours, with the charging on. I usually play high graphic games and designing softwares.

      So I have 2 questions; 1- Can I fix the charger myself, without having to open it. Like draining its residue power or something. 2- Is the charger covered under warranty and how long will the replacement process take.

Kindly help me find the quickest method as I have some urgent work pending.

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RE: Charger not working

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Hi Amogh.Kanulkar,

You can`t fix the charger.

There are different warranties, depending on what you got with the laptop.

You should call customer service for the country you purchased it in, to ask about the warranty. If it`s not covered they can assist you in purchasing another one.


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