Dell 2709w Monitor stopped working

I have a brand new (less than 60 days old) Dell 2709w monitor, and for no apparent reason, it stopped working.

The screen is totally blank, but the blue led power indicator light is on - no other colors. There is no response whatsoever. I push it, run my fingers over it - nothing. There is no menu.

I've done all the troubleshooting imaginable. Unplugged it - replugeed it, exchanged cables, (monitor and power cables), and plugged it directly into a wall outlet to no avail. I've even plugged it into the power outlet with no monitor cable attached hoping to perform the Self-Test Feature Check (STFC).


One thing - when it began to fail, the screen went blank, I unplugged it (since I couldn't turn it off), and when I plugged it back it, it showed a red screen, then white, and went through a rotation of colors and shaded gradients - I unplugged it again (no response to the on/off button), and that was it. Nothing since.

It's not the computer since it works fine with another monitor.

Please help!






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RE: Dell 2709w Monitor stopped working

Anyone else had this problem? Have you managed to solve it?

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RE: Dell 2709w Monitor stopped working

Thread locked due to age. If you have a similar problem, please start a new post.


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