Dell Laptop won't start

Hey guys,  I have a dell inspiron 8200 laptop, I have a little issue yesterday I was cleaning my C drive, when the computer shuts downin the mddle of the task because I was running on batteries, when I plug the computer an turn it on just give me a blue screen which  disapear so fast, and I can't read it, after that give a black screen where you can start you computer in differents modes like safe,safe mode bios, etc.   and go back and forward from the blue screen to a black screen but never starts.    Can same body help me out with this problem.




Bill R Smith.

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Re: Dell Laptop won't start

you probably corrupted your hard drive. Do you have access to a windows disk either retail or Dell restore? If so put the disk in the drive and boot. then try to do a repair reinstall This will attempt to fix your system without having to do a complete reinstall.

For XP

For Vista

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Re: Dell Laptop won't start

Ever since purchasing from Dell a 24xcd-rw/dvd module (drive), the inspirion 4150 when starting,  boots as much as 90% (the white progress bar on start up) and crashes with the message that the computer must be restarted since it does not recognize the drive.


I have looked for drivers and and other solutions and am at an end of the road.  I suspect that this drive is not compatible with this computer even though I fully discussed the purchase with Dell support.

They also sold me software that originally came with the computer (Roxio etc). There are No problems with the floppy drive and the CD RW drive (non DVD) modules. I am beginning to suspect that Dell will sell whatever it can - even though it may not be needed.

I view dell support with much suspicion!

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Assistance greatlty appreciated.

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Re: Dell Laptop won't start

Hello pecas1, Since you mentioned you can get as far as the boot options screen (safe mode, etc), you might try a few things here.

First I would try to boot to the screen you mentioned and select Last Known Good Configuration. If that fails, I would try to enter Safe mode and do a System Restore from a Restore Point.

These options may not work, and as Davet50 suggest, you may have to do a Windows Repair install.

This can be done if you have the Dell provided CD\DVD disk. Place it in the CD\DVD drive and reboot the system. When a line of text appears Press any key to boot from CD\DVD, press any key on the keyboard to continue. Another screen should appear.

The first line is Install Windows. Choose this option and another screen will appear which will show your repair options. Just follow the instructions and you can repair the operating system if it has been corrupted.

Be aware that this does not always work, but many times it does. If this does not work, a reformat and fresh install would be required and all you data that you have added will be lost.

If you system has a Dell Restore Recovey partition, you might be able to restore the system to the state it was shipped, but again, all the data added since you got the system would be lost.

Hope the first option works.

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