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I'm really hoping someone here can help me... I feel like I've exhausted all other options, and am at the end of my rope on this. 

In November 2015, I purchased two Inspiron 7559 laptops for myself and my wife.  In November 2016, right before the warranty was about to expire, my wife's laptop developed issues with freezing, locking up, not wanting to power on, not holding a charge, etc.  We sent it in for service. It was gone two weeks, but in the past I have been met with top-quality repairs from Dell, so while the wait was a bit frustrating, I knew the unit would come back in top working order. No such luck. The unit came back in the same state it left me in, despite the technician saying the battery and motherboard were replaced.  We elected to extend the warranty on our laptops at this point because we were scared we wouldnt be able to get it repaired before the warranty was up, with the Christmas holidays approaching. 

A few weeks later, right after Christmas, my laptop developed the same issues. I opened support cases for both of our laptops and sent them in.  It's been over two weeks since I mailed the laptops in.  My wife's laptop is on hold because parts are not in stock. Seriously??  it takes more than a couple days to get parts in? When I worked in a Dell authorized repair center we always had parts next day, so it baffles me that its taking so long to get parts in. 

That brings us to my laptop. I received an notice last week that my laptop's repair would not be covered because of liquid spill damage. There is no way that anyone in my house caused this liquid damage - the system is never anywhere near anything that could cause this kind of damage. I called into support and explained the situation, that I believe the damage had to have occured in transit, or at Dell's repair facility.  I was met with the response of "The repair will not be covered. It will cost you $500, and we will take pictures to prove to you that you damaged the laptop."   

At this point, nobody will listen to me when I say that I did not cause this damage. I've tried reaching out to every other possible source of help, and get the brick-wall response of "You're already being helped by someone, there's nothing I can do."  Finally, on Friday, I got a notice that because I had not made up my mind about what I wanted to do (despite daily emails with the person handling my support case) I was informed that the laptop would be shipped back to me unrepaired. I have made up my mind- I cannot and will not pay to repair damage I didn't cause. I understand if the damage occured in-transit, perhaps the system was rained on due to FedEx mishandling or something - we all know that happens all too frequently.  But if that's the case, FedEx should be held liable for the damage to the system, not me.  And if the damage occurred once the system was in Dell's care, then Dell should fix the issue. 

I am beyond furious and frustrated at this point.  My wife has been without her laptop for over almost two months now, to the point that we've gone and purchased an additional system (NOT a Dell) so that she can continue to run her business. I've been without my laptop for nearly a month, and I'm almost to the same point.  If there's anything anyone can do to help, please let me know.   This is just about the worst customer experience I've ever had from any company, and it's a far cry from the support I'd come to expect from Dell and their products.  

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Best to post this in the Customer Care Forum, here:




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