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Can anyone please help re. the following issues although my Inspiron also does not successfully complete the system restore anymore either...:

 "Hey guys, hoping to find some help here. So I just got this new Dell Inspiron 5537. I've had it less than a week. On Saturday, something happened that caused the touchscreen to be unresponsive. 

Now let me clarify by unresponsive - I mean completely gone. HID driver and entry in Device manager is missing. No calibrate option. Under Pen and Touch, the system is listed as "No pen or touch is available for this Display."  

I have not done a roll back yet - I created a restore point the day the rig showed up, so I can go back to day one, but was hoping I could just re-download the driver. I can't find it on Dell's support page, and Slim Driver can't detect the hardware so it doesn't suggest a driver.

Any ideas? Like I said, the common sense fixes like run calibrate and turn off USB power management didn't work, and the hardware is not even ID'ed in device manager. 

Thanks in advance for any help!"


Please HELP! Thank you!!!

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RE: Inspiron 5537 touchscreen issue

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Hi aehb,

Please repost this in the laptop forum for help.



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