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I got into a mess while I was doing an update to BIOS on my laptop N5010. Running Windows 10, I decided to update my BIOS 9 to a later one. During the update the fan went crazy and then nothing.

Black screen for a few minutes so I decided to turn off the power. When I turned it on,a beep started in two seconds intervals continusly and a black screen stay black for ever. I tried to discharge the capacitors by pressing the power button for half a minute or so without battery or power supply on, but when I restarted it I got the same beep and the black screen.Dell unfortunately doesnt help except reccomendations of the type ''change the motherboard'' like everybody has plenty of cash in their pocket to do so. I appeal to GURUS that know things better than simple people and have a heart for the simple unfortunate peoples. I did noticed that solutions for most beep error codes are posted,but nothing on one beep. I am very dissapointed with Dell and their update programs that ruin peoples lives.

Thank you for any support.

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RE: N5010 one beep error after failing Bios update

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Hi greecianflavor,

Please repost this in the Laptop forum for help.



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