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I am utterly dissatisfied, disappointed and outraged at the level of customer service Dell provides its customers.  Over the last 48 hours, I have spoken to several technical service representatives (in India) for 4+ hours in total with the inability to comprehend the issue and the sense of urgency to resolve the issue.

When I went to use my 8 month old aptop on Wednesday evening, I had trouble plugging in my charger cord- it did not fit right, and thus was unable to use the computer for class because I could not charge it.  I dug up my 10 year old mac and was able to get through class.  When class was over, I used the chat feature to discuss the issue and troubleshoot.  I was then told I was under warranty, but my charger didn't work so it was considered wear and tear so I should call Out of Warranty Technical Support. 

I went ahead and called even though I thought the claim was completely bogus since my laptop sat on my dining table within the 24 hours it went from functional to nonfunctional.  I expressed that I could not wait 2 weeks to send it in for repair.  They were able to identify that the power jack had 2 pins instead of one, so there was nothing that could be done to troubleshoot.  After almost two hours, the technical service rep and manager agreed to send me a replacement power jack cable by Friday, so I agreed.

And now here we are Friday WITHOUT the replacement cable.  Technical Support sends out these emails that state that we can request information and they will get back to you.  Well, I did that and no further response. I asked for the status of the product, but NOTHING. I proceeded to call back customer service.  Here they told me that it was delayed because the product was unavailable, but had been dispatched yesterday, and an email was sent to me. I had not received anything and when the rep tried to retrieve it, they were unable to.  I didn't want to disconnect until I was getting a tracking number.  They asked to give them 30 minutes to obtain the information and they would call me back.

Ok, so they call me back and mind you it's past 11pm in the US.  Anyway, they tell me that dispatch who approves the orders cancelled. Why, you ask? Oh, because they need to see photographs of the charger port.  I went ahead and sent photos right away, but a few problems here.  Why wasn't I notified of this supposed product unavailability? Why were the photographs not requested 48 hours ago?  Why did I receive NO information concerning my issue until I, the customer, reinitiated contact?  The product was promised by Friday, yet no communication that this was not happening.

Alright, so after they reviewed it, they determined I need to send it in. GREAT. I reiterated time and time again that the purpose of this computer is for school.  The charging port is obviously the cause of this and I do not have 2 weeks to be without a computer.  Going forward, if you need a reliable laptop, DO NOT PURCHASE A DELL. The quality of products have clearly deteriorated and customer support doesn't really care about your need for the device.  If this is the case, I may as well go to Best Buy and pick up whatever is on the shelf.  This was definitely a wakeup call and needed to warn others of the terrible encounters I have had over the last 48 hours.  I am disgusted and you should be too.

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