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On the 28th of last month I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Series laptop. The total was around $830 keep in mind I'm also active duty military so there was a nice discount there. Anyway, I ordered the laptop on the 28th and a couple hours later the order was cancelled! So I checked my email, apparently there was a "verification problem" with my billing info. So I figured out that because I've been stationed in a new location and didn't update my billing address, it caused Dell to not only cancel the order but also place my customer account on "hold". So after many hours on the phone the past few days, I was able to update my address info but still the amazing Dell tech support was not able to continue my order nor give my money back (it is still seen as a pending purchase on my debit card). Each time I called Dell customer support I received a totally different answer about when my refund would be processed, when my account would be taken off hold, etc. So far nothing has been done and it's incredibly vital I get this money back in my account. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Side note: apparently there is a "Approval code" that is issued at the beginning of every purchase. My bank (USAA) has the code, and Dell has the code, or should at least. And here's the really upsetting part, literally all I need to get my money back is that code! All I need is for the awesome Indian tech support to say that tiny code to my bank and all this would be cleared up! But guess what? No one had the code, not in the refund department, not in verification, not the supervisors, no one seems to know what they're doing and what information they have. Very upsetting!

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RE: Order Cancelled same day of Purchase

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Best to post this in the Customer Care Forum, here:




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