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Hey all,

I'm a new forum member, using an older XPS13(9350).

I want to try to improve a few problems in my system and hope kind folks on here can advise.

- I dislike Win10. I preferred Win7.  Would it be terrible if I switched? Would doing so affect performance negatively?  I do want to maximize battery life.  But I prefer the UI of Win 7.

- my cursor keeps skipping around on rare occassions on the page. I suspect it may be when I try and the touchpad gets brushed against. In settings I set the trackpad to be disabled when the mouse is plugged in, but this does not seem to actually take effect.  The trackpad remains active somehow.

- I only have 150 gb on the PC. I want to slim down files and remove unnecessary programs (such as many of the Win10 default tablet programs). How can I remove the excess pre-installed programs, and otherwise slim down the system?

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RE: Win10 on XPS13(9350)

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Hi earthwalker7,

Please repost this in the Software and Operating System, Windows 10 forum for help.