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Hi All,

I received a call from Dell saying the payment I made last year for a TV purchase was not completed and I need to pay now. Although, I did check my account and saw that the payment I made never went through, the official now says that I need to provide my credit card details to him over the phone to complete the transaction. Since the order is old, he cannot ask me to pay through my Advantage portal.

I have read several posts where Dell officials say that they never call to get credit card information. Hence, confused on the same.

Request your inputs/guidance on the same. 

Many thanks

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RE: Reg. Call from Dell

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Hi SiddarthSudhakaran,

Thanks for posting.

Your post would be better answered in the Customer Care board, but since it appears you purchased using your Dell Preferred Account, you can contact them through Dell Financial Services: http://dell.to/2v7t0d5

If you need additional assistance, please post in the Customer Care Forum.  Thanks.

Dell-Robert P
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