Just received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Dell, they said my laptop had been stolen from Dell and asked could i tell them who i bought it from, i said i bought from a firm selling on Amazon but could not remember the name, they said they would call back in 20 minutes so i could find the information, in that time i realized it maybe a scam,

When they rang back i said i am not giving any info because I'll don't know if you are from Dell and surely you would know who i bought it from, they said they could email me but i said i can't help you.

They had my phone number & email and knew i had contacted Dell Technical support on a certain day.

Has anyone else had this? Would Dell just ring up like this?

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RE: Scam?

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Hi Barbellion,

Yes, it is a scam. Dell will never call you unless you have arranged it. Please follow this link to Customer Care and from there you can fill out a short form to report this.


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RE: Scam?

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Hi Barbellion,

Thanks for your post.

We will need some additional information, so if you could please contact me privately by clicking my username in blue, then on the next page in the upper right corner, click the link to "send private message" and I'll be able to assist you further.  Thanks.


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