Set Inspiron back to factory setting

I have a Inspiron 6000 I couldnt do anything. I was told to set my laptop back to reformat my laptop back to factory setting. I did, it worked great! All I had to do is turn my laptop on when I saw the screan with the blue bar at the top that said Dell. Push the Ctrl and keep pushing F11. 6 Min later it was done. Just like a new computer. I reinstalled my programs. I set up my auto microsort updates. I can NOT get my updates. I have my cd to reinstall. I tryed The cd but it will not install. It says my service pack is 2 and I have a newer service pack on my computer. I am being told I need to install Microsoft Word 2002 from my disk.

What can I do now? I have heard of the new viruses if you do n ot have your updates, I am very careful but dont know if
I should let the service pack 2 install then go install service pack3 from microsoft web site


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Re: Set Inspiron back to factory setting

What "updates" can't you get?  Windows updates? or updates for other programs? 

MS Word is not part of Windows, it's an Optional (usually optional at extra cost option) software addition.  If you don't have the install disk for that you will have to purchase a new copy (Word 2007 is the current version).

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