Stolen laptop

Will Dell do a GPS locate for this mishap? I would like to know exactly what Dell will do and if I will be notified by E-Mail or phone. I have received excellent customer service so far and would like to continue to blog this as positive. Thank you

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Re: Stolen laptop

If you purchased the LoJack option, contact them - if not, contact your local police department.


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Re: Stolen laptop

1.) Report the theft to your local police department.

2.) Report the stolen computer to Dell here:


3.) If you have LoJack, then contact Lojack to report it stolen here:


Dell does not have any 'GPS locate" method. When you report it stolen, Dell will flag the Service Tag. LoJack has tracking methods, but if you do not have that, it will generally not be trackable....

Good luck.


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Re: Stolen laptop

EDIT:  sorry, posted slow myself....

Should still report it stolen so that it's flagged in Dell's system, on the chance that whoever ends up with it contacts Dell thinking they can get it serviced,  or to try and find the owner.  But as both Husky and Hrova said there is no built-in tracking unless you paid for that option.

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