Windows 7 vs dll files for Paint Shop Pro Filters

Here I sit with a brand new computer, ready to do paint shop pro, loading my filters into paint shop pro and then remembering that I need certain dll files in my system folder in order to get the filters to work.  Not a problem, I go and download the dll files, unzip them and attempt to put them into the system folder.  I get told I have to have administrator status.  Off to my control panel...yep, I DO have administrator status...not only that but I am owner of this system, which according to the properties gives me full control.  Someone forgot to tell Windows...its not letting me add the dll files. I'm VERY ready to get rid of Windows 7 and install XP pro into this computer...I didn't have the problems installing the dll files with XP pro.  But, before I throw this new computer to the dogs...maybe someone on this forum can give me an idea.

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Re: Windows 7 vs dll files for Paint Shop Pro Filters

Just manually putting dll files in folders is not going to get it.  You need to "install" the program using the programs installation routine, if it's Win 7 compatible, and it will install everything that is needed.

Win 7 is less intrusive in the "Administrator priviledge" area than Vista was.  There are some functions that you must run as "Administrator" even though your logon has Administrator rights. 

Before you install XP, do your homework and make sure there are Dell XP hardware drivers for all the PC's devices.  Many new PC's do not have XP drivers and thus it will not work.  Also, there is a Dell recovery partition on the hard drive (accessed by F8 at boot up) that will allow reinstalling without the need for discs.  If something other than Win 7 is installed it will corrupt the recovery partition and it cannot be recreated.  Although it's probably doubtful that Dell would make you reinstall Win 7 to give you support, they do have the option.   Best thing, if you are not happy with the PC and Windows 7, if you are in the US you have 21 days from the date on the Dell invoice to contact customer service and request a return authorization.  This may be a better alternative then you can go somewhere else and buy a PC with the old (and obsolete) Windows XP so you can run your old version programs.

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