"Loading PBR 2...done"

I have an inspiron 6000 laptop.. i have just turned it on and got this message..

I have googled it and it appears it is a common problem, but being computer tech challnged i could not work out any of the fixes suggested.. also each fix had another person replying with contradictory solutions..

Does anyone know how i can fix this myself.. or what it may cost me (approx) to get it fixed professionally..



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Re: "Loading PBR 2...done"

Reviewing the google posts this is a serious hd problem if you need to retain your files. Somehow your master or primary boot record has gotten corrupted and that is the roadmap of your harddrive. It tells the OS where all the files reside on the drive.

The consenses is that the drive will need to be reformated and the OS installed. Now to recover your files the best method would be to take the drive out and connect it to another computer where it will look at the drive as an additional drive and not a bootable drive. Then copy your files and once done put the drive back into the laptop and perform either a Factory restore or a complete reinstall,

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Re: "Loading PBR 2...done"

Hi, i am having the same problem re Loading PBR 2...done


did you ever find a solution?




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Re: "Loading PBR 2...done"

loading pbr for descriptor 2....done

I know it's been a long time since this question was posted but I have a solution that has not been posted and hope someone else will find it here. It has worked for me on 2 different Dell 530 computers. The 2nd one (today) was very resistant and took 6 attempts to get to the c: prompt in step 5 but it eventually did (whew!). I don't know if it matters but I did remove power for half an hour and removed al USB plugs except keyboard and mouse before starting.

1.         start computer and press F12 and change 1st boot to CD

2.         insert Windows CD (or Dell's restoration or reinstallation CD) and reboot

3.         says setting up Windows – takes a long time to get to a menu

4.         *** CHOOSE R for recovery console****

5.         at the c prompt, type     fixboot    and then press Enter key

6.         Says “The target partition is c: Are you sure you want to write a new bootsector to the partition of c:

7.         type in y (for yes) and press enter, Says something about boot sector is corrupt … writing new boot sector… success

8.         reboot and press F12 again. Change 1st boot to the hard drive name (SATA something) and press enter and REMOVE the Windows CD.

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Re: "Loading PBR 2...done"

Thank you so much SBaker for taking the time to put up this excellent solution! Without it I would be dead in the water! So many of the other sites either painted a picture of doom or whatever suggestion was given please use at your on risk.


Thank again!

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Re: "Loading PBR 2...done"

I wanted to add another Thank you, this issue has occured several times previously.  I have a Dell Inspirion 530 running Windows XP.  I have reloaded windows entirely in the past to get past this issue and it seems to go away for a bit.  The above recommendation was much quicker.  Thanks for saving me a Saturday afternoon.

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