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I bought a Inspiron 13 7000 series on Dec 15, 2014 online. I received it a week later and on Jan 10, 2015 called dell tech support about screen fading out and network card disconnecting me from my network. I have other computers that are connected to the network and they do not have the network issue that I am experiencing with the new Dell. They could not resolve the issue and I have not had time to call them back either after spending over 5 hrs on the phone with Tech support trouble shooting the problem.

Feb 18, 2015 I started experiencing 45 min boot times and computer locking up on me, I did not get time to call the tech support line till March 14, 2015. I spoke to Naveen and he ran me through diagnostic of the computer and said that the hard drive is bad. He told me that he is going to have to send a tech out to replace the hard drive and it will be Mon-Fri 8-5. I work for a living and I would have to take a day off work for them to fix a product that was faulty from the Dell. You buy a product from a company for $500 and you expect it to work for longer than 3 mo.

At that time Naveen spoke to his supervisor and he said that they would send me a refurb computer to replace the new one that I bought back in Dec that was faulty from the beginning. So, I asked to speak to the floor manager Nady and he told me that his hands are tide on this. This is not right if that is the case why would I even waste my money and buy a new computer when I could of got a refurb computer cheaper. I have bought other Dell computers in the past and never have had a problem but if Dell is going to treat their customers like this why would I even want to buy their product.

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Best to post this thread in the Customer Care Forum, here:




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