Dell Command Monitor - Latitude Fan and Battery alerts


I've installed the Dell Command Monitor 9.1 on all of our computers so they can report to SCOM. The OptiPlex units seem to be Healthy but ALL of the Latitude computers have the following two sensor errors:

Critical - Dell Client Fans Status(Periodic)

Warning - Dell Client Batteries Health Status(Periodic)

Is this a known issue or is there a setting that I need to change either to SCOM or to the Latitudes?

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RE: Dell Command Monitor - Latitude Fan and Battery alerts

I have the same problem, specially with the batteries that showed it for all computers.

I looked at the ClientBatteriesUnitMonitor.vbs script of the "Dell Client Management Pack" version 6.1 and found the error.

It's creating an additional object in an array, and then this object is like another battery that doesn't exist. and then it always get the warning state.

It could be simply fixed by adding a "-1" in the 345 line of the script:

Redim attributeValueList(numberOfInstances-1)

We need DELL to fix that as it's a sealed MP. For now the monitor can be disabled...

But my biggest problem now is that the "Dell Command | Monitor" (version 9.3) is bringing value 5 on the HealthState of the class DCIM_Battery (which means battery is OK) even when it's not.

I have a test computer here (e7440 - Windows 8.1) that is reporting the following:

battery 1: good batery, working fine, reporting 5. (OK)

battery 2: completelly bad battery (LED flashes with "Fatal Battery Fail" and windows shows a red X on the battery) - DCIM_Battery brings nothing (I'd expect it to bring something, but that's ok, it's workable since it's a laptop and has no battery identified by WMI I could point it as an error)

battery 3: bad battery (LED flashes with "Fatal Battery Fail"), but windows recognizes it 84% charged. When you remove the AC power the battery doesn't work and PC goes off. This battery has a 5 for HealthState, even with the computer LED flashing as "Fatal Battery Fail" - refer System Battery/Charge LED on www.dell.com/.../checking-notebook---laptop-battery-health-status-on-dell-systems

To me, it doesn't make sense to have a sensor telling me there's a problem with the battery (on both cases 2 and 3) and this is not being captured by Dell Command Monitor.

So, in the end even if we fix the first issue in the Management Pack we still have the second. And I really need the second one to be fixed...

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RE: Dell Command Monitor - Latitude Fan and Battery alerts

In addition, for the battery 3 when running the diagnostics it identifies the battery has a problem: Error Code: 2000-0132 Validation 66620

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