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Dell Management vCenter plugin failed to report disk failure event


We have recently come across to one of the issue related to Dell Management vCenter Plugin.

We have Dell Management Plugin configured for all of our ESXi hosts and for vCenter from many months now.

Yesterday DC engineer, noticed ember light on one of the ESXi hosts, which was later found there is a disk failure for that particular ESXi host. It was surprise for us, as we were hoping we will get any kind of alerts related to physical servers via Dell Management vCenter Plugin, but we have not.

Even after manual check on management plugin on vcenter, it did not reported any issue and both the disk were showing as Online. Where as in DRAC, there was a error "10Storage Drive 1: Drive Slot sensor for Storage, drive fault was asserted".

For now we have logged a call with vendor to replace the same, can you help us to know why this failure was not reported by Dell management vCenter Plugin ??

Is it some kind of configuration issue from our side or this Plugin dont report Disk error ??


Gurjit Dhillon

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Re: Dell Management vCenter plugin failed to report disk failure event

Make sure you select the type of events you want posted to vCenter and enable the Dell Alarms in the management center.

Configuring Events And Alarms

The Dell Management Center Events and Alarms page enables or disables all hardware alarms. The current alert status is displayed on the vCenter Alarms tab. A critical event indicates actual or imminent data loss or system malfunction. A warning event is not necessarily significant, but may indicate a possible future problem. Events and alarms can also be enabled using the VMware Alarm Manager. Events are displayed on the vCenter Tasks & Events tab in the Hosts and Clusters view.

NOTE: On hosts prior to 12G, this feature requires that the virtual appliance is configured as a trap destination in OMSA to display host events in vCenter. For more information on OMSA, see Setting Up An OMSA Trap Destination.

You can configure events and alarms using in the Dell Management Center under the Settings option for Events and Alarms.

To configure events and alarms:

In the Dell Management Center, under Settings > Events and Alarms , click Edit.

Under Event Posting Levels, select one of the following:

Do not post any events - Block hardware events.

Post All Events - Post all hardware events.

Post only Critical and Warning Events - Post only critical or warning level hardware events.

Post only Virtualization-Related Critical and Warning Events - Post only virtualization-related critical and warning events; this is the default event posting level.

To enable all hardware alarms and events, select the Enable Alarms for Dell Hosts check box.

NOTE: Dell hosts that have alarms enabled respond to critical events by entering maintenance mode.

In the dialog box that displays, click Continue to accept this change, or click Cancel.

To restore the default vCenter alarm settings for all managed Dell servers, click Restore Default Alarms.

It may take up to a minute before the change takes effect.

To save, click Save.

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Re: Dell Management vCenter plugin failed to report disk failure event

We don't have the plug in loaded,  but we see such failures under system health in Vcenter and even  Infrastructure client to the host itself.    So were they seeing any alert under the normal hardware monitoring with Vmware itself?

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