August 2017 MS Updates + 9030 Driver CAB = BSOD

Just wanted to leave a little note that the August Cumulative updates for Windows 10 (1607 and 1703) caused us to experience BSOD on our Dell AIO 9030 machines.

Using WinDbg I was able to identify that the Intel Wireless 7260 driver was responsible for the crashes.

The only thing I can think is that there were some security updates to the KMDF included in the August updates. Pair that with the fact that the Driver Catalog CAB provided by Dell included a really old wireless driver (from 2015) and the result was BSOD reporting:


Upgrading to the latest wireless driver directly from Intel version:

resolved the issues.

Hope this saves someone some time.

Since it's almost impossible to actually contact Dell support directly I'll just hope someone will swing by this thread, but the Driver CAB's are severely out of date for the 9030 AIO.

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