Storage Controller Status(Periodic) - SCOM alert - server status remains Warning even after the issue was resolved

Hi all,

I have an issue with some Dell PowerEdge R620 servers that are being reported in a Warning state even though they are healthy. The originating monitor is from the SCOM MP (version 7) for Storage Controller Status(Periodic) for PERC H730 Mini (Storage Controller). I have isolated the VBscript that is being run by the monitor and successfully executed the command to export the storage system status:

omreport.exe storage controller -fmt xml -outc "......\StorageStatus\export.xml"

Indeed the monitored parameter is reporting a Warning state:

<TreeStatus type="u32">3</TreeStatus>

But at the same time, the server itself is reporting a Health status. Indeed in the past we have had some warnings for the affected servers: one failed drive (replaced) and one warning for the cache battery (cleared by itself and never reappeared). These warnings are still present in the Lifecycle Logs - which cannot be cleared. We have cleared the System Logs as well.

Any ideas on how can we reset the health status for these servers? I would really like to avoid disabling the monitor as it proved to be quite useful.

Thank you for you help.

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