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3010 SFF, display issue

I have just bought a Dell Optiplex 3010 SFF Refurb, but having issue with the display.

My old PC had a DVI-D port, as does my monitor, and I get a crisp display. I only use my PC for work, not for gaming, so I only want the best results in terms of less eye strain.

The 3010 does not have a DVI-D port. It just has VGA and HDMI.
My Monitor only has VGA and DVI-D.
VGA looks terrible and blurry, so I bought a HDMI to DVI-D cable. When I boot the 3010 up I get the Dell logo, then the Windows logo, but then a blank screen, and my monitor says No Signal Detected.

Anyone know what the issue is likely to be?

So what are my options to get a better display than VGA?
The Monitor is a benQ VW2245z.

Is buying a new monitor that has HDMI the only option to get away from this awful VGA display, or do I need a graphics card upgrade?


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Re: 3010 SFF, display issue

HDMI to DVI-D is a passive cable.

You just plug HDMI Female to DVI Male on the monitor and use an HDMI cable.

Or you get a cable that has the plugs on each end.


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Re: 3010 SFF, display issue


first off NO OS stated,

how long are those cables short or  30 meters.?  length matter if not using the one that cam with the monitor.

but if windows 10 , is there, as most refurbs are.

then load the correct VIDEO driver next.  (the dell support page for you PC has this driver ) or at MS,. or at

that monitor does  1920;1080  , even in VGA works great DVI-D too.

 then on the screen click right click the desktop and pick "display settings" and pick  1920;1080

if you can not reach that high RESO? then THE driver is wrong or not supporting that high of resolution.

I guess you are saying this PC has no VGA card? in a PCIe x16 slot. as are options on all desktops made.

what you have it those slot s are not stated. (if using that card, then what card is it of 1000s made?)

or this

this is the ONBOARD SLOT, THE GPU is inside the intel  CORE PROCESSOR.
Intel HD Graphics 2500 (intel shows it goes to 1080p like above. so... works)
that adapter can be bad, many are, and  some do not pass through he eDID signal information so the PC can not see the monitor at all,. so avoid adapters for sure that fail or have NO information channel edid pass through.
that is it,
next time Please tell what OS you run, and what jacks you connect.
PCI-e  jacks or not.






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