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3050, I did not find the OS CD

Hi all,

I recently bought a Dell OptiPlex 3050 desktop. Unfortunately when I opened the box at home I did not find the CD for the operating system or the drivers which should normally be attached with the new PC. What do I do to get it?

Thanks to all

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Re: I did not find the CD with the new PC

New PC's rarely come with CD's anymore.  Usually there is a procedure (icon) on the desktop to create your own backup media, if desired.  The new laptop I got last year had the procedure to make a flash drive backup rather than a disc.

See this link for backup options.




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Re: I did not find the CD with the new PC

You can also make your own reinstallation media by using the Create Media Tool. 


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Re: I did not find the CD with the new PC

 The OS is on a recovery media which you have to make.

The Drivers are a Cab File that must be extracted with 7zip after downloading to the my documents folder.



Once extracted you right click on any Yellow ! and say install driver from my machine.

I usually make the recovery media first.

then download the cab file.

then download 7zip and install

then extract the cab file onto the USB flash drive.

You can then F12 test boot the usb flash drive and install clean.

Then copy the 3050 folder over to the documents library

Then install drivers by device manager update my pc.

Windows 7 is likely the download.   Windows 10 comes from microsoft.




What you will need

  • Service Tag of the Dell PC on which you want to install Microsoft Windows or Linux
  • Download and install Dell OS Recovery Tool (runs in Microsoft Windows only)
  • Blank USB flash drive 16 gig or 32gig you cannot use 8 or 4 or 2 because they are wayyy too small.
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 or higher
  • Administrator user rights and at least 16GB of available Hard Drive space to download the Dell ISO recovery image


WIN7 Drivers


WIN10 Drivers




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