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7010, i7-3770 only have 4 core 4 thread?

Today I upgrade my old Optiplex 7010 from i5 3470 to an i7-3770, however, it only should 4 core 4 thread in my system(should be 4 core 8 thread) and the performance is really poor, the cinebench r15 is only 400, which is far behind the regular 3770 scores(620).

my motherboard is Dell Q77, with 16G RAM(ddr 3 1600)

Also, gaming performance is even poor than my old i5(lower frame rate).

I checked the bios(updated to the latest version already), and there is no option for hyper thread 

is my i7 3770 a fake cpu? or anything else?


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Re: why my i7 3770 only have 4 core 4 thread on optiplex 7010?

welcome to BIOS.

if you go there all advanced features of the CPU need to be turned on, do so.

did you upgrade bios first(yes,. to all newer support processers are supported (called microcode,upgrades)

if not the new features will be missing. (but missing cores, ouch) missing cores is Pentium or Celeron.

the 7010 data sheet clearly shows.

Intel® 3rd generation Core™ i7/i5 Quad Core, i3 Dual Core (Post launch) and Pentium® Dual Core (Post launch); Intel® 2nd generation Core™ i3 Dual Core, Pentium® Dual Core and Celeron® Dual/Single Core; Intel vPro™ Technology available on select processors



not saying I know what BIOS upgrades cover what processor as the dell pages, show

(only lame - new cpu microcode upgrades then fails to SAY WHAT CPU, the lazy bums... (end rant)

one clicks details and all we get is VAGUE. ( do not expect all intel Gen 3 cpu to run here, do not unless DELL actual says so, Im not dell. so....

gaming buy GTX1050 the end this,  do so.  (higher numbers above 1050, need more wattage PSU warning)

the 1050 uses only 75watts or less, a dream card IMO !!!

fake i7, no photos of it and if was fake I'd tell you, did you buy if from china direct on fleabay it's fake.

most are, from directly, what they do is erase the top on (dirt cheap laptop CPU's nobody wants)

using slow desktop  dash 'T" or dash S" low power slow CPU not good for desktop or any gaming,.

then put there lame non intel marks  on top.  (lame and easy to spot)

no video card stated and I bet that is the cause. but I cant see yours.....

do not overload your 7010 with some old gtx690 card, that needs 300 watts all by it self./

here is a list of the hogs, all others run on your PC.

nvidia only I never us AMD/ATI,  endless bad expr. with their drivers, for 20 years. Nivdia is king IMO.

this is the avoid list with weak PSU. ok?



surely you are not gaming with the CORE (HD) GPU engine in the CPU actual , right?

HD is Hopelessly Dissed?  dissatisfied, disillusioned, discouraged?

I am not Dell, I am retired from this industry since 2009,
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