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755 DT, won't boot and the fan goes very loud

Every day after a long time of using PC, The fan goes very loud and the PC doesn't boot, So I remove all the RAMs and cards and after a couple of tries it works again!

What is wrong with it?

By the way it's an Optiplex 775 desktop


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Re: My Pc won't boot and the fan goes very loud

Considering the age of this model, it sounds like CPU is overheating.  Causes are dust and  the CPU thermal paste is bad and needs replaced.  Again, considering age the thermal paste is the most likely as it will deteriorate over time.

Here is the Dell manual (although it has very little detail).  Remove the CPU cooler assembly, clean off the thermal paste from the top of the CPU and the bottom of the heat sink.  Apply new thermal paste (Arctic Silver is recommended) per the thermal paste vendor's instructions and reassemble.

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Re: My Pc won't boot and the fan goes very loud

Models from this Vintage can have clogged heat sinks and thermal sensors as well as Bad Capacitors.  The price in labor without any parts to fix that problem is more than the unit is worth.  Getting a new working unit with windows 10 is easy in the USA.  I refer to these as free computers because the cost of windows 10 is the same price as the unit with windows 10.


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