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790, BIOS A22, Windows 10, stuck

Just trying to update my pc to the latest BIOS update version A22. The system is hanging? Its been 'installing' for over 45 minutes already? What should I do? Very nervous about restarting a PC if the BIOS software has not fully installed.


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4 hours, and still incomplete installation.


Not good news, but at some point you're going to have to cross your fingers and restart it.



The 2011 790 was never tested/validated in Windows 10.

Did you run the BIOS from within Windows 10? Or did you follow the Installation instructions here and create a DOS USB key and run the BIOS from the DOS environment?

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Windows with any antivirus software installed hangs right after it erases the bios.

Windows Defender is Built into 10 and therefore hangs and bricks during bios updates.

This is why I keep bootable dos floppy and USB Floppy Drive and Windows XP SP3 CD to install XP and then run bios update on older machines.

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SystemRescueCD has flashrom and it will flash anything you want. Every computer enthusiast should keep a copy of SystemRescueCD on a USB stick, it comes handy when your installed OS is borked.
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The bios driver work only for Windows 7 no work for windows 10 

Install în an another HDD/SSD Windows 7 ultimate or i have license write down on pc Chase and download bios driver from dell web Page 

Do not plug off The pc when is upgrading bios 

The bios is already flashed write with green and automaticly restarted 



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