9010 DT, PSU upgrade?


Does anyone know of an upgrade PSU for the Dell Optiplex 9010 Desktop system?  The system I have has a 250w PSU.  I'd like to add a PCIe video card and SATA hard drive to my system but Cooler Master's PSU calculator (http://www.coolermaster.com/power-supply-calculator/), shows that I'll need 277 watts to run this new configuration and recommends a 327w PSU.

My current configuration follows:

i7-3770 CPU




1x 80mm Fan (factory fan in front of the HD bay)

1x Asus PCIe Wi-Fi NIC

Cooler Master's PSU calculator shows my current setup requires 236 watts and recommends a 286w PSU.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: PSU Upgrade for Optiplex 9010 SFF

@ClimbingColorado wrote:


Does anyone know of an upgrade PSU for the Dell Optiplex 9010 SFF system? 

I do not.

This old machine is not a good candidate for your purpose. 

SFF is great until you want to upgrade something. That's why some people still buy Towers.

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Re: PSU Upgrade for Optiplex 9010 SFF

Wow!  What's not to like? 

I easily updated mine to 2 SSD Drives... One 250-GB and one 500-GB.  I added a half-height PCIe Dual HDMI card ($12 used ~ eBay) and for grins I am using a 50" VIZIO for a monitor and speakers!  Next I easily upgraded to 16GB Memory (from 8GB) then...

I installed Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Operating System.  No kidding.. from a stone-cold start I'm at 'Desktop' in 24 seconds!  Needless to say, this is one PEPPY System!

Purchased from eBay May 1, 2019 for $70 including free shipping!  (Funny... my 2 drives cost more than the System).

The Optiplex 9010 includes a 1GB NIC card so what the heck... I'm using it as a "Server" and why not?... It's 'whisper quiet' and I think it's safe to say it's "totally solid state" except the fans and CD/DVD.






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Re: 9010 DT, PSU upgrade?


I tried to reply sooner (I know yours is a older post)... but as soon as I hit the send button, my reply was trashed and I needed to Join!  Argggg.. I replied anyway because I think this OPTIPLEX YOUTUBE is so worthy...

YOUTUBE has a outstanding post called:

"Dell Optiplex 9010 Gaming Upgrade SSD Video Card RAM PSU"

Find it here:


His upgrades include the PSU / MEMORY and Video card recommendations... he also mentions how critical power supply size is too.  His is a VERY interesting post!




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Re: 9010 DT, PSU upgrade? A $6 UPGRADE OPTION!

I realize yours is a older post, but others may face the same Power Supply issues as you?  You suspect your power supply may fail because your add-ons will draw slightly more than the stock DELL 9010 "DT" Power Supply is rated for?  The first 'gift' is slightly more current available when you change to a SSD drive... not to mention the awesome speed it provides!  How about a $6 FIX?

Please know the major issue is the added heat generated because of the slightly higher current demands on your Supply.  But rather than spending big bucks on a new PSU I recommend a Auxiliary add-on FAN used to provide much better airflow through your Power Supply!  I also think a additional fan could add decades of life to your stock 9010 PSU and it's a MUCH easier "fix" too...  

Thankfully, 9010 OPTIPLEX "DT" (desk top) owners have the space to add that second fan just outside of the Supply.  Mount the Fan right AT the PS air vent holes. Be be sure to note the direction of air flow and install your fan to add even more flow in that same direction!  If you find the inside case space too tight, consider mounting the new fan on the outside of your Case mounted at the supply... which is what I would do for my OPTIPLEX 9010 SFF!  The same air flow rule applies.  

While one could remove the supply to drill mounting holes for the new fan ~ I would opt for double-back tape or a hot glue gun should do the trick too!  Get your 12V DC POWER for your fan right from a SATA hard drive "yellow" conductor.

This seller did not mention 'fan noise' but similar fans tout 'quiet', 'whisper' and one said silent...

DC Brushless Cooling PC Computer Fan

12V 6015s 60x60x15mm 0.15A  USA Seller 

1. Type: DC Cooling Fan 
2. Size: 60x60x15mm (LxWxH)  2.36 x 2.36 x .59 inches
3. Air Volume: 6015s
4. Bearing Type: Sleeve
5. Operation Voltage: DC 12V
6. Current Rating: 0.15A or (150 milliamps).
7. Life Expectancy: 30 000-50 000 hours 

 eBay:  254209394565  $5.99 with FREE shipping




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