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9020 AIO, how many SATA port?

Hi Guys,

I recently purchased a couple of 9020 AIO  systems for the family - very nice machines, with decent specs and performance.

I do have one question, something that has puzzled me: How many SATA ports does the 9020 AIO series have?

When I have a quick look inside I could see two: one of the HDD and one for the optical drive.

HOWEVER, when I got into the BIOS settings, on the SATA page, it's telling me that there are three SATA ports: "Port 0", "Port 1" and "Port 2".

Is there another port tucked away somewhere that I'm missing?




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Re: How many SATA port in a 9020 AIO?

aio.JPG2 sata, no more , no less.


aio is 2

the MT is 4 and  if added.


no adding on toy grade AIO.


wysiwyg,  no PCI-e slots , so not much joy here.


I am not Dell, I am retired from this industry since 2009,
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Re: How many SATA port in a 9020 AIO?

Optical drive can be converted to 2.5 SSD caddy then USB optical drive attached.

There are ONLY 2 ports available and no extra power.

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