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BACS4 doesn't play nice with Windows 10

Hi I'm trying to team the ports on a PCIe dual-port NIC based on the Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5720. The most recent package I can find to do this is BACS4 (although still over 5 years old). It worked fine on a pair of R540 servers running MS Server 2016, and their native LAN ports have teamed and are working well. On a set of Optiplex 7060s, though (running Win10), they BCM5720 ports look like they've teamed, although BACS4 reports no driver loaded, and Win10 Device Manager reports a fault with the team. "Networks and Sharing" can't see any of them, individually or teamed (even though one port at least was plugged in). If I try to undo the team using BACS4, it crashes Win10. When the OS comes back (by itself! No more BSOD), the team has been removed, but really, this shouldn't happen. Can anyone point me to a teaming utility that will create an SLB team out of a pair of 5720s that will play nice with (and be seen by) Win10?
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