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BIOS update exit codes for older models

Anyone know where there is a list of what the BIOS update exit codes mean for the 7+ year old Dell models?  Such as codes 16, 18, and 70.  Can't find them anywhere.  Thanks.

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Re: BIOS update exit codes for older models

Hi @Chriz78 ,

I guess you're talking about SCCM. See if the following article helps.

SCCM Error Codes  

No.Signed Integer Error CodeUnsigned Integer Error CodeHexadecimal Error CodeDescription/Meaning
16-201627801122786892850x87D20A05File is no more there to compress
18-201627801322786892830x87D20A03Invalid source for compression
70-201628006322786872330x87D20201Operation on Old Configuration Item when a newer instance exits in the Database


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Re: BIOS update exit codes for older models

Nope, not SCCM exit codes.  I am talking about the exit codes for the older BIOS's.  For example, here is the list of the ones from the newer models:

The older models have completely different exit codes.

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Re: BIOS update exit codes for older models

There is support for this on Windows or Linux.

The support however is not free.

The Dell Command | Update Application has a lot of parameters.

DCSU version 1.3 was updated to Dell Command | Update version 2.0

Dell Update Packages (DUP) are based on Microsoft Windows

Windows XP and Vista are now End of Life End of support.

Windows 7, 8.1, 10 are still active.

All Commercial platforms shipped in 2016 or newer have WMI-ACPI support in all BIOS versions. Older platforms than what is listed in the table below, should use an earlier version of Dell Command | Configure.

For example

Dell Command | Power Manager replaces Dell Power Manager and is a part of the Dell Client Command Suite.

Existing tools that are included in the Dell Client Command Suite.

Check out the  weekly webcast on Thursdays at 10am Central.

Easy link for this page is



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