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BobDMJ. Optiplex 390 diagnostics

With a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and network cable connected, plugged in the power cable - nothing - pressed the diagnostic button on the power supply - diagnostic light solid green, all fans turn on and power button on front solid amber - but pressing it does nothing
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Mary G
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Re: BobDMJ. Optiplex 390 diagnostics

Nine year old computer sounds like it has given up the ghost. Mostly likely a motherboard failure. That means buying a new computer. Only thing worth trying is replacing the $2 cmos coin cell battery. See manual online at Dell Support for how to do it.

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Re: BobDMJ. Optiplex 390 diagnostics

The BIST button is not a system Diagnostic Button.

You can get a 390 with windows 10 pro for the same cost as the windows Disk alone.

Bult In Self Test  BIST

Solid Amber power button is BAD POWER SUPPLY or DEAD MOTHERBOARD or both.


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