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Connecting Inspiron 5348 All-in-One with OptiPlex CPU

I'm trying to connect my Optiplex CPU with my 5348 All-in-One.

I've got this set-up:

All-in-One is connected to a Dell monitor using a cable (HDMI-out port [male HDMI adapter to VDI port]) for an extended display (two monitor system). It is also connected through a LAN-Ethernet rj45 cable to a server-net connection.

So my Dell monitor has an empty VGA port as the only the HDMI/VDI port is taken.

Now, I've want to use my Optiplex CPU alongside my 5348, without using both CPUs ethernet ports. The only options are USB cables (bridging/transfer cables) to connect two CPUS, HDMI ports (which is not possible, they say), ethernet switches or KVM switches, or directly connect the Optiplex to the monitor's VGA (using an adapter for Display port)  and be separate from the 5348 (two cpus, one monitor using the PIP/PBP).

Which is the best option to take?

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Re: Connecting Inspiron 5348 All-in-One with OptiPlex CPU

Hi @hitokirigenki ,

Any wifi connection available in your environment? If yes, you may go for settings like this:

  • Connect Inspiron 5348 to network by wifi
  • Connect Optiplex CPU to network by RJ45
  • Connect Dell monitor VGA to Optiplex CPU
  • Install TeamViewer on both computers
  • Install Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders on both computers

Condition 1: If you operate with Inspiron 5348 as the main station, you can use it with dual display and remote control the Optiplex CPU by Windows Remote Desktop or TeamViewer (cation: internet connection required).

Condition 2: If you want to operate both computers as a single unit with dual display, you can switch the Dell monitor to VGA input and control both PCs by a single set of keyboard & mouse using MS Mouse without Borders.

If no wifi available, adding an ethernet switch also works with solution mentioned above.

“May the Force be with Dell.”
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