Dell Optiplex 5050 3 monitor configuration

I recently purchased a Dell optiplex 5050 and added a 2nd display port based to get 3 monitor configuration.  The representation stated I would need to add the additional display port in order to achieve this.  

I have connected 3 monitors, all are the same (Asus HDMI monitors)

2 connected to Display ports

1 connected via HDMI

Only one Display shows and the HDMI.  If I switch the Display cables, still the exact same monitor still shows but through the other display port and the other monitor connected via Display port won't show.  I have made sure it is on Display port setting.


How do I get all 3 monitors to show?



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Re: Dell Optiplex 5050 3 monitor configuration


Click the links below for configuring multiple monitors.

How to Setup Multiple Monitors

How to Setup Multiple Monitors in Microsoft Windows 10

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