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Dell provides BIOS Recovery for newer Optiplexes but not 7010 or 3010 - why not?

So Dell has provided much-needed options for BIOS Recovery for newer Optiplexes, but not for Optiplex 7010s or 3010, of which our small business has three.

(See https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-us/000132453/how-to-recover-the-bios-on-a-dell-computer-or-tab...  .)

We spent thousands on our 7010s and 3010.  Why no help?  Why no firmware option?

Not happy with Dell's disdain for our need to keep assets going (until we're big enough to throw away working PCs.)

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Yah, after something like 3 or 5 years, Dell considers Optiplex's EOL or EOS.  With the 7010 being introduced in 2012 and the 3010 just the same or before, they are long past warranty support and Dell won't be going back on those.

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Brad - I would spend $20 to get BIOS Recovery firmware for each of our two 7010s and our 3010.

Does Dell think the real world (including small businesses) upgrades for thousands of dollars every 3 to 5 years?  Didn't we pick our 7010s and 3010 with the thought that they would last and be useful even if later put into subsidiary roles?

Indeed, I am focused on this issue because I am prepared to spend some hundreds of dollars to upgrade some of the parts in our 7010s and 3010, not thousands to replace them entirely.

Dell has the firmware - it just doesn't want to share.

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Pretty sure, only UEFI-based machines can have Dell's version of software-based BIOS recovery. 

Back then, it was pretty easy to brick an HP also. Really, only retail motherboards had it back then, and it involved actual physical switches or an emergency boot-load rom image that could be engaged.

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Tesla - our two 7010s are  UEFI, and our 3010 will be shortly.  
It’s bad faith for Dell not to make this tech available. 

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