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GTX 750 Ti, not detect on optiplex 390

I need a help please, i got 750ti and install it. Pc not detect the gpu. I try everything updating my bios driver, reinstall the windows, the gpu is working well fan running already replace the PSU to thermaltake 450w. But nothing get me happy, the GPU still not detected. What should i do, please Dell technician help me with this problem.
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Re: GTX 750 Ti, not detect on optiplex 390

For older Dell PCs, you may need a BIOS update to use cards above the 600 series, as they require the new UEFI BIOS released in 2013. You'll need to contact Dell support for an update if available. Please check the back of the PC case for the service tag, then go to the Dell support page, enter your tag, and look for the downloads for your PC. If a BIOS update is available, it may be listed there, with instructions on updating the PC.
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Re: GTX 750 Ti, not detect on optiplex 390

There are zero issues with 750 TI and 390.  Something else is wrong.  Power supply is the first suspect.  Older Dells DO NOT need a bios update to work with nvidia cards.

ATI cards past the HD 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 series Do not work due to not supporting MSDOS VESA video mode 103.


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