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I'm on my 3rd hard drive in 2 years

At what point do you (DELL) admit I've got a lemon and simply replace my computer.  In January of 2020 I bought and OptiPlex 7060.  In October of 2020 I had to replace my hard drive.  Now, in June of 2021 I have to replace it again.  Really?  This is making me unable to work again for a couple of days.  I'm self employed and work on commission.  I am so upset!  I will never do business with you folks again.

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Correction:  I bought the computer in January of 2019.  So, 3rd hard drive replacement in  2 !/2 years.

This is a user to user tech forum not Dell Support. We can just sympathize. But hard drives can fail at any time. It's bad luck but that is not considered a manufacturing defect. Hard drives are consumable hardware like tires on a car. Some last for years and others fail unexpectedly. Check out Top 10 Hard Drive Maintenance Tips | Record Nations

It can also depend on the brand of HDD.  If a certain brand kept failing you, like Seagate just as an example, I'd go with WD.or Toshiba.


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