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Intel Rapid Start persistent bootloop and option re-enabled

Four Optiplex 9020 All-in-One systems configured identically (Dell Refurbished) with Windows 7 Professional.

On startup, each will bootloop at the initial BIOS Dell logo. They appear to get to the point where it would normally show the 'Starting Windows' animation but they they reboot instead to the Dell logo.

The bootloop can be avoided by entering setup (F2), and disabling Intel Rapid Start (Under the BIOS option: Performance | Intel Rapid Start).

This would solve the problem *except* that the BIOS option to enable Rapid Start will re-enable itself after the system has been running for a period of time (typically minutes, but usually about a half hour).

I can find no option to control the BIOS setting from within the installed Intel utilities, and if I attempt to install the Intel Rapid Start driver supplied from the Dell Support site for the matching service tag, it fails to install.

"system does not meet the minimum requirements..."

So I'm pressing F2 on each reboot and manually disabling Intel Rapid Start so that I can complete the boot, but I have to do this on each boot at the BIOS option will not remain disabled. 

I'd like to find what continues to re-enable. What am I missing?

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