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Make Dell OptiPlex GX270 run again


Dear Friends,

I just got an old desktop, and it looks like there are sth missing, and I want to make it run again. It seems that the RAM, graphic card and network card or sound card are missing, but I am not sure. Is there any advise what kind of hardware should I buy, I appreciate all the help:)

Merry Christmas~

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Re: Make Dell OptiPlex GX270 run again

You just need PC2700/3200 DDR SDRAM DIMMs. Motherboard has integrated VGA video and audio output and Ethernet LAN jack. You may need to replace CMOs battery if it does not post. Good luck if you can get it started.

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Re: Make Dell OptiPlex GX270 run again

Ram must be low density  and its not worth fixing unless said ram is free.

AGP video cards are old and slow and dont meet minimum standards today for a useable system.

Oldest viable machine from this era is Optiplex GX620 tower with pentium D 915 cpu. The GX620 can run windows 10 with PCI-E video card like a GT1030.

GX270 model WILL NOT RUN Windows 8 or 10.

It will run Linux without issue.


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