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I have just replace my motherboard on Optiplex GX 360 with a used working motherboard. After the board has been mounted in the case, I disconnected all the devices i.e the hard drive and the DVD drive. The board is powered up with a green steady light showing on the power button while diagnostic lights 2 and 3 also have steady green lights but 5's green light dims and brightens in response to the rising and falling speed of the processor cooling fan. No light at all on number 1, 4 and 6 diagnostic terminals. No beeps, no error message and no video or display on the screen.

This is the problem I am trying to solve which I am seeking assistance from the Community and the experts.

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Didn't find GX 360 model ... is the same as Optiplex 360? like a very old model

6 Indium

A reference guide to the Dell OptiPlex Diagnostic Indicators 

Change the size 2032 CMOS battery.  Please let us know if anything changes.  A bad battery can cause confusing error codes.

The diagnostic lights on the 360 went up to #4.  If you're getting #5, could you please upload a photo of it and the PC, preferably the front and anything else you deem helpful, including info.

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