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New Optiplex 7080, zero screws for M.2 drives!

I wonder if it is standard practice to not provide these 5-cent screws and give the customers the finger if they didn't buy their M.2 drives from dell's overpriced options. I got a Samsung M.2 drive and it doesn't come with a screw. I had to use one of mine but the drive requires a very large head to hold on to the drive. I had to use a washer. It's not good. Why would Dell not provide these things?

This reminds me of HP Elitedesk computers. If you buy a new one, it comes with spare puffy screws to secure 3.5" drives. If you buy a used one... I guess the sellers routinely raid these screws and sell them at $10 a set on ebay. Is Dell to be compared with ebay used computer pedllers?

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Thank you for sharing! The micro tower service manual doesn't show any thermal pad or spacer. Just 2 steps, put in the M.2 PCIe, then screw it down.

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New member, hi everyone... I had a similar situation happen to me earlier this month when my 7080 arrived. I opened it up to make sure everything looked good inside, noticed no screws as you did buttoned it back up and as I was repacking it, heard a lose screw, opened it back up and floating around inside, around all that lose copper just waiting to short was one of the M.2 screws... glad I found it while it was powered down.. was NOT impressed for my first Dell purchase.

Can any of you please confirm that the 7080 SFF takes the 201 wifi 6 card, not the 200, getting ready to order one.




Great links, thanks... but I wonder why the 7080 SFF is missing from this particular one..




@Jennifer007 , it will take the 201.


Thank you Chino...



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