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Non-Dell Chassis for Dell Motherboard E99830 KA0121

I am contemplating a purchase of a used Dell motherboard out of an Optiplex 790. Will I have to use a Dell chassis or can I use any ATX form factor case? In other words, are the connectors on the mb proprietary?? Or do I need to hunt down a Dell case on ebay or something?

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Re: Non-Dell Chassis for Dell Motherboard E99830 KA0121

You will need an exact replacement 790 case.  Dell uses proprietary and undocumented connectors on most models.  The rear motherboard I/O panel is not a removeable insert like standard ATX motherboards.  Motherboard mounting holes are even non-standard on some.

FWIW, this is an old system.  Dell only supports (has drivers) for XP through Win 7.  No Win 10 support (it may work on Win 10 but no guarantee that all needed drivers are available). 

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Re: Non-Dell Chassis for Dell Motherboard E99830 KA0121

E99830 is not a Dell part number its a UL Safety Registration number.


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