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Optiplex 3010 DT NIC - max. length of expansion card

Hey folks, I was thinking of getting a cheap optiplex 3010 DT and throw a 4-port intel (low profile) NIC inside to be a cheap pfSense or vyatta firewall for my homelab. What's the max. supported length of PCIe-cards in the first x16 slot, e.g. will it handle an Intel 4-Port Gigabit NIC, like the NC364T (with the low profile bracket of course)? Best regards Yannik P.S. I do know that I need a new processor (i5 3450), too, to support AES-NI, but that's not the point.

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Re: Optiplex 3010 DT NIC - max. length of expansion card

The specs on that card place it at 5.1 inches long. Video cards that are compatible with the 3010 run about 6.5 inches and some a bit longer. So the NIC card will fit without a problem.

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