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Optiplex 3080 DisplayPort to VGA SE2219H

Good day all, 

I am trying to connect my new Optiplex 3080 mff to an SE2219H monitor.

The monitor's HDMI port is used by another device. So, I am left with the VGA port. 

I bought an adaptor (DisplayPort to VGA) however, when I connect everything, I get the message "No VGA signal from your device".

Does anyone have an idea of what might be going wrong? 

I suppose I should by an HDMI to VGA adaptor, so that I can use the HDMI port of the Optiplex. Would that solve the problem?

Any assistance most welcome and highly appreciated.

Best regards/Giorgos

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Thanks for your post

Thank you! We have received the required details. We will work towards a resolution. In the meantime, you may also receive assistance or suggestions from the community members.

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Re: Thanks for your post

DP to VGA adapter is an active adapter. It is possible that the adapter is defective.

Using analog VGA port of monitor for the 3080 downgrades video performance.  Why not get an HDMI splitter so both 3080 and the other device can connect to monitor single HDMI port.

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