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Optiplex 3080 fan noise after bios update to 2.1.1

I had this problem when I upgrade to1.3.2 which ı have sorted out by downgrading to 1.3.1

Now unfortunately system does not allowed me to downgrade back to 1.3.1.

I can only downgraded to Bios 2.0.2 which did not solved the problem.

Any body else have the  same problem? Any solution or recommendation ???



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To restate, the Optiplex team has stated that the fan noise is within design parameters and working as designed. Since the article was released on May 7, 2021 =

BIOS Causes the Fan to Overspin on the OptiPlex 3080, 5080, and 7080, and Precision 3440 Small Form ...

there have been four BIOS updates after the aforementioned 1.3.12. All users should update to the latest BIOS.

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A new BIOS version was released and should fix this issue. 


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The most recent BIOS update is 2.1.1, and as mentioned in this post, it does not solve the issue.


We are still waiting for the new BİOS version .  I was advised that your level 3 team has replicated  the issue and correction was on the way in the form of new BIOS

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Same here.

Fan is really noisy, latest Bios is installed (2.1.1)



Guys, I haven't installed the newest BIOS because of Your posts.

I have 2 MT and 1 MFF. Don't have an SFF.

Which 3080 do You have? Is the CPU noise also present on MT and MFF?

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I'm glad if found this and can see other users are having the same problem.


I've recently bought a 3080 micro which was on bios 2.0.2 and noticed straight way the fan noise even when the PC is idle in Windows, the fan drones up and down. Its annoying enough for me to think about selling this PC.

I have a 3020 which is almost silent and I bought the 3080 because its newer and faster, but unfortunately I can't think straight listening to this constant fan droning. I think the the fan is running at over 1800 rpm according to the the Hw info app I installed. Thats ridiculous for an idle PC.


Like the previous poster, it doesn't look like I can downgrade to 3.1.1 as its not allowed. Any ideas about getting round the downgrade blocking would be appreciated. Otherwise this piece of junk is going on ebay.

not sure if this is the case, per Dell knowledge article,

Note: There will be some occasions when the BIOS downgrade will not be allowed due to BIOS dependency, meaning the current BIOS has changes that cannot be downgraded. If you are unable to downgrade your BIOS, please contact Dell Technical Support for further advice, using the details supplied in the link



Ideally, I'd thought that a brand new pc to work out of the box. I don't understand why Dell can test the BIOS and think the fan noise is acceptable. I've been mulling for some time about getting an M1 mac mini. My Dell 3020 optiplex micro has been great and I thought upgrading to the 3080 would be an improvement, but really the noise here is garbage QA. £450+ for a 3080 or 100+ more for an M1 Mac Mini which is completely silent...

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I've run the F12 diagnostics and it looks like the fan is running at 1808 rpm at the start of the test (3080 Micro I3-10105T), which I think is the reason for the fan noise. I ran the same F12 diagnostics on my Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro (i5-4590T) and the fan speed was 898 rpm. You can hardly hear the fan at 898 rpm but you can hear it at 1800 rpm, especially as its stuck at this all the time.

Does anybody know if the fan should be running at 1800 rpm all the time? It seems high, especially when idle.


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