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Optiplex 3080 fan noise after bios update to 2.1.1

I had this problem when I upgrade to1.3.2 which ı have sorted out by downgrading to 1.3.1

Now unfortunately system does not allowed me to downgrade back to 1.3.1.

I can only downgraded to Bios 2.0.2 which did not solved the problem.

Any body else have the  same problem? Any solution or recommendation ???



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Hi Chris,

I just purchased a new OptiPlex 3080 MFF and I am suffering from the same annoying problem - after upgrading to Win11, Dell command center automatically updated the bios version to the latest (2.2.1.) and from than the fan is spinning on full power all the time - even when the PC is idle - the fan is always rotating on full speed causing a very loud noise!

 Here is a video proving the loud noise-


please release an update to the BIOS solving this annoying issue as soon as possible.


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did not solve mine...

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Sadly it seems like this problem is still not resolved, months after first reported. 

3080 MFF, updated BIOS to very latest, fans now running at 1800RPM

Really disappointing that Dell have not fixed this... these are not cheap computers.

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Guys, which diagnostic software do You use under Windows 10 64bit for the RPM readout?


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Oh no! If only I had discovered this thread before.

I have now exactly the same problem!

Gave my dad a brand new DELL 3080 Micro. I ordered it brand new and the first thing I did was install a new SSD and then installed Windows 11 fresh. Everything was great! I was really happy with the purchase because even during the installation of Windows 11, the PC was not particularly noisy.

Then after everything was done, the PC automatically pulled probably a firmware update and at the next restart (the last before I gift wrapped the device) it was installed by itself....

Well....and now we have - after the birthday - the device connected  and I'm shocked how unbearably LOUD the PC is without doing anything at all with it!

Even if the PC is just in Windows 11 - nothing is done, no programm opened, the fan runs very audible!

It makes no difference whether I then start intensive programs such as InDesign, Word, etc.. Idle = Loud / Programs = Loud.

Super annoying.

What can be done? There seems to be no new firmware from Dell yet and also no workaround? ;-(

Is it not possible to somehow turn down the fan via external software? I have already tried "SpeedFan", but it does not detect any fan and nothing changes


I had the same issue. 1800 rpm when idle. Couldn't find a solution in Windows, other than hdwinfo64 but that doesn't start automatically on boot.


Ended up installing Linux Manjaro and configured fan control software. Now runs at 850rpm and starts automatically on boot and from sleep.

No more migraines and nausea. Don't understand why they don't allow more options in the bios.

It seems that one of the temperature sensor is constantly showing a 126 degrees temperature for one of the cores - maybe this what's causes the fan to operate at 1800rpm all the time-


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Video - Fan Noise / Speed in Idle:



Diagnostic - my PC also seems to run at a very high RPM for Idle....

Fan Noise 3080 - Looud :-(Fan Noise 3080 - Looud :-(

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