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Optiplex 390 MT, PCIe USB 3.0

Hey. I was wanting to add a USB 3.0 PCIe in my Optiplex 390 MT, but not sure what will work. I also would love to install a front bay like this HERE, but not sure if there is one that would work with it. Could you tell me what USB 3.0 PCI-E would work and if this or another front bay that would work.Thanks

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Re: USB 3.0 For Optiplex 390 MT

It looks like you found your answer for the front bay.  As for 3.0 PCI-E, it's quite common.  You could easily use the title of your post for a search term.  The only 3.0 PCI-E I would avoid are ones that come with a molex connector (easily visible).  I couldn't believe I saw that.

Whether it's USB 3.0 for the front bay or a PCI-E card, they fit a broad range of computers.

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