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Optiplex 7010 2x8gb not running in dual channel

I recently upgraded an Optiplex 7010 with 2x8gb DDR3 ram sticks and everything runs fine, except the ram is only running in single channel mode.  I've tried using DIMM 1-3 and DIMM 2-4 with no difference.  Is this just a limitation of the motherboard with 8gb sticks?

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Have a look at this post. A lot of great information about RAM configuration.

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It says


"dual-channel mode is always present when both memory channels are populated. however, for optimum dual-channel performance, the size of the modules must match."


I've got matched sticks in the right channels, and they're both showing up and running fine, but they're in single channel instead of dual channel.

Are the 2 modules (8GB each) the only memory, or do you have other modules also?

Exactly what are the brand and model of these modules?

Incidentally, the speed gain by having dual channel is very slight for most applications, so you probably wouldn't notice the difference if you do get it solved.



I only have the 2x8 in the system.  This is the model I'm using https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B007HZTD86?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title


I was previously running similar 2x4 sticks and they were working in dual channel.

Ah, that could be your problem. Patriot memory and Kingston memory are no good and rarely works properly in dell computers. Nobody knows why, but rock musicians always recommend  only crucial brand memory ... It's guaranteed to work with dells.

Patriot memory will NEVER work in any dell computers. Never ever.





@donm4599xI upgraded my 7010 MT with Patriot DIMM (4GB) and it worked all right.

I am not saying Patriot memory is always perfectly fine, but I am willing to challenge your claim it will never ever work in any Dell computer. It does work in my 7010.

@Maho Jakobic 

Maho, you are correct. I have since used several brands of memory. They seem to work fine ... to my great surprise. My computer seems to work with forbidden brands and forbidden sizes.

But most all the famous Rock musicians here do say it is impossible at best, and a disaster at worst.

But if you need to be on the safe side, still best to buy only genuine crucial brand (or adata if you're really broke). Never buy hynix or kingston value ram. These brands do not work in dells. EVER.






The reason its not working is the "1.5V Power Requirement "

Working modules are DUAL Voltage 1.35v compatible.

JEDEC changed the DDR3 spec to 1.35v


These devices are intended to be compatible with existing 1.5V DDR3 systems and may operate without restriction in those applications.

In other words they work with both 1.35 and 1.5 if they are up to spec.

Not all ram is dual voltage.


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Makes no sense.  What are you talking about?


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