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Optiplex 7010 sff USB3 ports not working

This is a refurbished PC recently purchased from Amazon. It was sold with a clean install of Windows 10.

All is working fine apart from none of the USB3 ports on the front or the back are working, USB 2 ports are working OK but nothing registers when you plug into the USB3. Don't know if it's of any relevance but I have a USB cable which has a small led on the micro USB end, this lights when plugged into a USB port.This led lights when I plug the cable into the 7010 USB 3 ports.

Not had any response yet from the company that sold it. Device manager below.

dell device manager.jpg

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i guess you mean a keyboard fails on any USB 3 port or a mouse fails.. no USB devices  stated. of 1000s possible. ( if the keyboard fails then the port is dead or wrong drivers. (do a full power reset on the PC,?) 0volts.

any port on any PC can latch up, so we power reset it,  this cure dead ports if truly Hardware is failing.

ESD events to that, by design. (self preservation)


that is the job of intel chipset Q77,  and is fully sported with MS OS.  for sure,

type chipset here. (see those )



Q77, this is what is there,. 


Q77 btw runs on w10 64bit no issues, infact back to Q41 , q31 and omg 945G P4 651.

if you fresh load W10 with ethernet wired to your router, it hits the deck running.

(even as test  to a spare SSD works)

or booting to linux demo media, see USB WORK see that keyboard on USB3 work. it will. if does your driver are mangled. on w10,


Once USB 3.0 is enabled, are all 4 USB ports on the front panel  support 3.0? or just some of them?



Photo might not be as clear as in real life, but you'll see the the USB 3.0 have "SS" by them.  USB 3.0 driver is in Win10.  Are your 3.0 ports not working or are they okay?


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i had similiar problem -  3.0 ports didnt recognize my external disk - reinstalling chipset driver helped.

if you are thinking about some upgrades, i have win11 installed on nvme ssd, and it works great.

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