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Optiplex 9020 USFF, boot issue

Steps taken powering on OptiPlex 9020 USFF:

  1. Press Power button
  2. Power button illuminates white (solid)
  3. HDD front light illuminates white (blinks)
  4. No other front lights illuminate

PC screen doesn't recognize that the PC is on and other connected peripheral(s) do not have power. I'm guessing that SSD HD is shot. Has any one else experienced this or provide any suggestions?

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Re: Optiplex 9020 USFF Boot Issue

Do you get anything on the screen when you power it on?  The Dell logo? any beeps?  Are you able to access the BIOS (Setup) with F2?  If there is no Dell logo, can't access the BIOS, etc its not likely an SSD problem.  

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Re: Optiplex 9020 USFF, boot issue

I failed to mention that the issue started immediately after downloading and installing the updated BIOS from Dell's website. The workstation will turn on but the monitors never pick up a video feed as if the computer is turned off. I can hear the fan running, open the DVD drive, and the power light is solid white.

The PC came with a HDD but replaced with SSD.

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